If you want an excellent service, a high-qualified professional team is the diamond point that make every single detail perfect to organize a successful event.

Our team was born from the long-time experience of a front rank institution like Masseria Traetta Exclusive, the five-starred luxury resort situated at the door of Ostuni (Brindisi, Apulia) directed by Giuseppe Primicerio and Giovanni Semerano, a managing duo completed by Riccardo D’Agosto.

The keystone of the team is the chef and his cooking team, finally the expert waiters,sommeliers, bartenders, and event organizers complete the professional team of Traetta Catering.


With a degree at University of Bari and a long successful experience as enterpreneur in restaurant industry, he attended numerous courses in the most important italian cooking schools. His pride and joy is Masseria Traetta Exclusive, property of D’Agosto family and location for elite events since 2009, thanks to his foresight, Masseria Traetta Exclusive is now the location for the most famous worldly international events.


After studying to be a professionist in accomodating facilities he started his career in high-level frameworks learning all the operational aspects of a hotel; since 2008 he’s been directing Masseria Traetta Exclusive as General Manager. During his professional path, he covered the role of vice-administrator of AIBES, he contributed to the realization and codification of international cocktails for Martini and Rossi of Turin and he became one of italian representative bartenders for Jack Daniel’s Tennessee USA.


After the high school diploma in restaurant & hospitality industry, obtained with great advancement, he immediately started to wotk in restaurants growing up fastly between Italy, Switzerland and Great Britain. He is now Reastaurant Manager and Sommelier at Masseria Traetta Exclusive and vice-president of Fondazione Italiana Sommelier-Puglia.


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